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With CAMSTUDIO "Internet Marketers Version", output videos can now be viewed in Firefox AND can be redirected to a custom URL upon the end of the clip!

From: Mario Pesce

I'm sure you've probably heard many of the internet marketing "gurus" recommend Camtasia. Camtasia lets you to make a video of your computer screen with you talking as the audio. Many successful internet marketers use Camtasia extensively - for example, to demonstrate a service or product that they are marketing.

As you already know, videos are extremely POWERFUL on the internet. They allow you to "rise above the noise" of words and emails and allow you to be more personal with your visitors or subscribers!

Ultra successful marketers like John Reese and Frank Kern (as well as many others) have personally accredited this tool to making them THOUSANDS of dollars. They tell you, "If you don't have it, go buy it NOW."

What's the problem?

Well, it's a bit expensive at $300. Even so, there are still lots of people buying it at that price ...

But you don't need to pay $300.

You see, an earlier version of Camtasia, called "CamStudio," was released under GPL, which means you can download it for FREE.

So, why doesn't everybody download CamStudio instead of paying $300 for Camtasia?

CamStudio would be fine for most users, except that there are two MAJOR FLAWS with the older CamStudio program...

1. Output Flash videos DON'T WORK in Firefox or Netscape.

This is a HUGE problem for internet marketers, who don't want to frustrate users or prevent users from watching their "videoized" sales letters! Considering just Firefox has had over 200 million downloads, you don't want this happening to your viewers!

2. There's no "redirect to URL" after playing option for your output Flash videos.

John Reese says he was the first internet marketer to use this awesome feature in (the $300) Camtasia. This feature will redirect the viewer of the video to the URL of your choice when the movie ends. So you can make a video demonstrating a product or service and redirect your viewer immediately to the URL to buy! (This greatly increases conversion rates). But the old CamStudio doesn't have this option.

Well now those two problems have been fixed. You see, I just managed to get resell rights to a new & improved version called ...

With CAMSTUDIO Internet Marketers Version, output videos can now be viewed in Firefox AND can be redirected to a custom URL upon the end of the clip!

How much am I asking for CAMSTUDIO Internet Marketers Version? $100? $50? No, not even $25.

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Comes with Resell Rights and Salespage w/Graphics!

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If you still have any lingering doubts about picking up this free software, let me reassure you now with the knowledge that your copy of this superb software will help you build your online business all for no cost to you ever!

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Mario Pesce

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